October 23 2020

Mission and Vision

  • Evaluating investment plans and projects in the fields of industry, commerce, infrastructural affairs, construction, energy, capital markets, technology, etc.
  • Conducting social development projects.
  • Offering loans and credits to natural and juridical persons and receiving loans and credits from internal and external institutions or banks and national and international financial institutions.
  • Accepting representative agents.
  • Offering services for ministries, institutions and national and foreign banks in awarding loans and granting credits and collection of claims and cooperation in different commercial and capital areas.
  • Opening accounts and maintaining current accounts, savings accounts and other similar accounts.
  • Financing activities to promote exporting of goods and services through national specialized institutions.
  • Issuing securities to enter capital markets of both parties or international capital markets in order to finance specialized plans as well as assisting money supply of the banks.
  • Composing and creating mechanisms and pledges with other financial institutions to set up cooperative, technical, financial networks and benefiting from them, buying securities i.e. promissory notes, collections and doing other pertinent dealings or without recourse, fund transfer and foreign exchange transaction.
  • Issuing and advising the letters of credit, releasing goods from the customs, transporting goods from stores and from customs on the account of bank or the customers.
  • Dealing the public store bills, any insurance operations related to banks or customers’ accounts with insurance companies.
  • Composing strategies and plans to promote the economical bond between two countries, doing other allowable banking operations in and out of the country.