October 23 2020


Iran Venezuela Bi-National Bank is one of the international development and financial institutions and also one of the nongovernmental banks of the banking system in Islamic Republic of Iran. It has been established with the goal of rendering banking services according to the potent islamic banking system in Iran and handling modern international banking activities in other countries, according to memorandum of mutual cooperation dated Mar. 11, 2005 between representatives of both countries and bill of cooperation between two governments of Iran and Venezuela (approved Apr. 19, 2005 by Iranian Islamic Consultative Assembly) and the law of supplement one of waver of the general policies of norm 44 of Constitution (approved on May. 25, 2010 by Iranian Islamic Consultative Assembly) and the license number H/737 dated Jun. 06, 2008 of Central Bank of I.R.I. The bank has been registered on Jan. 25, 2010 at the State Organization for Registration of Deeds and Properties Company Registration upon number 365732 and ID number 10320162713 in Tehran. Meanwhile, the Articles of Association of Iran Venezuela Bi-National Bank has been prepared pursuant to the agreement signed by the authorities of both countries.

Iran Venezuela Bi-National Bank as a financial entity with international identity has targeted South America as a strategic zone along with the foreign political programs of I.R.I beyond the boundaries of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in order to provide opportunities for the investors, exporters, businessmen and specialized human resources of the country in this zone. IVBB not only can expand the financial activities in international zones and develop the commercial relations among countries which hold stocks of IVBB, but is beneficial in investment, entrepreneurship and technical knowledge transfer between two investor countries.